Human factor is the most important value of any health system, and the development of  the performance of human resources is an objective which is followed by the countries with developed economies or in transition period.

Currently, in the field of public health area still exists many warning signs resulted from the population health, from the quality and affordability of health services, from the medical staff shortages, from the poor infrastructure and equipment, from the insufficient training of the personnel involved in the management of health system. The performance of a public institution and even of a health system is established depending on how human resources, informational and financial materials are used to achieve the proposed objective at the expected level of the beneficiaries. This managers need specific skills and knowledge, that can be offered only through special training. Just having certain qualities and an appropriate training , a specialist can  realize a efficient and correct management, and become sensitive and responsive at all aspects of this complex field. 

We are strongly convinced, that the consolidation of the human potential is a safe investment in the continued development of the entire health system from Republic of Moldova, and the fact that our institution has won a good European image by getting the full member status of the European Association of Schools Health (ASPHER) is more than a business card and enables us to align all of the region standards. Also, the relations that were established  between The School of Public Health from Republic of Moldova and similar institutions from France , SUA, Israel, Romania, Lithuania inspire optimism in further cooperation.


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