School of Public Health cooperates closely with various national and international institutions working in the field of health, and calls for the formalization of these relations by signing bilateral agreements of cooperation with these authorities.

So far, SPH has 9 collaboration agreements, the 10th agreement was in the process of mediation, following to be signed and enter into force in the 2014-2015 years.

Portofolio SPH:

March 14,2007-signing of the cooperation agreement with the National School of public health (Ecole de Santé Publique), now the School of Higher Education in Public Health in Rennes, France

June 1, 2007-signing of the cooperation agreement with the School of Public Health, Hadassah Universityof Jerusalem, Israel

July 24, 2007-signing of the cooperation agreement with the National School of Public Health and Health Services Management of Bucharest, Romania

September 7, 2007-signing of the cooperation agreement with the School of Public Health of Kaunas, Lithuania

September 21, 2010-signing of the cooperation agreement with the Catholic Institute of Rennes, France

October 30, 2013-signing of cooperation with the School of Medicine of Eastern Virginia (EVMS), Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Bilateral cooperation agreements with similar schools from other countries are aimed to  the promotion of research, training, the exchange of information necessary for the implementation of projects of pedagogical and scientific cooperation, as well as facilitating the exchange of professors, researchers, administrative staff and students within the various assignments or internships.  The agreements also stipulate the organization of congresses, conferences, seminars, summer schools and joint programmes of research or teaching, which will contribute to increasing the level of preparation of specialists of Moldova by providing the possibility of being connected to theEuropean space and performance.

Under the agreements, already the fifth year in a row took place the internship of Moldovan masters in France and of the French masters in the Republic of Moldova.  The internship is also a mandatory part of the training process at SPH.

The successes of the SPH include the status of full member of the European Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPHER)-October 2007.   SPH integration into ASPHER is of major importance and a goal that aspire to always.  A membershipof ASPHER enables  the school's accreditation in European structures, which means that diplomas awarded by SPH will have external validity, and their owners will be able to work in the field of public health in any European country.  At present, over 105 ASPHER associate members including European Union States, the Council of Europe and the European Region of the World Health Organization.  ASPHER assigned the mission to promote the education and research in public health and to support the academic infrastructures for the development of the resources in this field.

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